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Re: Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity
January 28, 2018 08:06AM
Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 31
Hello world,
I'm LOVE BURTON,writing from BLANTYRE,MALAWI. I'm looking for serious business minded people from all over the world I can work with in USED RHD VEHICLES & SPARE PARTS, SECOND HAND CLOTHES, PRECIOUS STONES, Export FARM PRODUCE, TOURISM, ELECTRONICS,SOLAR ENERGY etc. Simply contact me through Call/WhatsApp on +265 885 892 679 or best Email me on
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Re: Business Opportunity
February 01, 2018 02:51PM
Registered: 10 months ago
Posts: 6
[[i]i]Hello sir
I am Rosette Kabanyana
I am a businesslady/Used Clothing
I am in Kampala Uganda
I am Interested to work with you
Please do not hesitate to call me on +256773035791[/i][/i]
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Re: Business Opportunity
March 16, 2018 06:13AM
Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 31
Good day ROSETTE,
I tried reaching you out on your given mobile number, it's out of reach, please contact me via email or number provided in the post above.
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