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Business Partners/Dealers in Africa for Auto Imports

Registered: 2 months ago
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I am currently in Dubai, UAE and working with several firms around the globe who can provide both second hand and
scrap cars for export/resale. I deal mainly in high end performance cars but can also provide second hand and scrap vehicles located in Europe, Asia and Middle East region.

I have a car dealership and am looking to export some cars to Africa. I am looking to establish a relationship with a trustworthy dealer for a long-time business relationship. I would like to penetrate this market and need people who are enthusiastic about selling cars. If you are a serious businessman/woman with proper sense of business and experience in your field I am more than willing to work with you.

I am looking for:

- independent professionals experienced in used cars sales
- excellent knowledge of local used car market
- written/oral English language
- experiences with importing containers in local international port

I can offer attractive % of sales.

Please post your e-mail address and credentials so that I can contact you and that we may have a detailed discussion with more information disclosed will follow.

Currently, I have 10 High Performance cars for sale/export, 15 Medium Spec cars for sale/export and 6 scrap vehicles for export.

If you are interested, please do drop me an email with your contact details and we can talk.


S. Rehman
Malaeka General Trading
+971 505067681
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Registered: 2 months ago
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Hi my name is Daniel from Ghana,deal in Cars and i love to do Business and Partnership in Any Business . contact +233247929072

Thank You
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