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Looking for car dealers/agents in Africa

Registered: 1 year ago
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My name is Winston and we are a heavy equipment dealer in Singapore.

Now, we are looking to venture into the business of exporting car from Singapore to Africa market because there is a good opportunity and supply of cheap cars in Singapore for export due to:

1) Singapore cars can only be driven here in our country for 10 years maximum.
2) Our country government have a law that every cars in Singapore have to be scrapped or exported after 10 years (you can Google about our laws for confirmation).
3) These cars owners have no choice but to dispose their cars at a very cheap price (close to just scrap metal price even though the cars are in good condition because the cars cannot be driven in Singapore anymore due to the law)
4) These cars have no value (they have to be scrapped at 10 years) here in Singapore, it is scrap metal price only, but there is demand for it in other parts of the world and you can sell it at normal market price in your country.

Please post your contacts here and I will contact you (Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat).

Thank you

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Registered: 8 months ago
Posts: 10
contact me on whatzapp +2347035515802
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Registered: 8 months ago
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hello my name is shirleen from kenya. am so much interested. my email is and whatapp no. is 254707728413
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Registered: 4 weeks ago
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Registered: 4 weeks ago
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My name is frank mazana ,email is ;my whatsapp number is +263772586299
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