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Re: German Company is Looking for Business Partners - Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Urban Gardening, Food & Beverage

Dear Africa Guide Members,

My name is Najef EL-Faourie. I have opened the most discussed topic on the Africa Guide

I would like to thank all of you for your input, due to this post of mine some business relationships have been set up quite prosperously
and I am thankful for that.

A lot has changed since the last very successfull post and I am going for another strike and invite all of you to participate.

I am looking for some ready and reliable Business men & women or Company that are familiar in the following Industries:

- Consumer Electronics (no smartphone, just accessories and outdoor devices like a power bank and such)

- Cosmetics (We are selling German quality Cosmetics like Shampoo, Deo Spray,
Bath, lotion, Shower gel. Also we have real indian hair in our asortment)

- Urban Gardening (Automatic Aeroponic Irrigation Systems - made in Germany)

- Food & Beverages (Energy Drinks, Beers, Snacks)

If you are ambitous, serious and couragous we can work together. One important thing I have to mention in order save time for the both of us is that we only work with advanced payment methods and with entities that are experienced importers.
The more and better we work together, the friendlier the requirements will get.
If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate and drop a comment with your e-mail adress. I will gladly get back to you within no time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards to my fellow members,

Najef EL-Faourie
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thanks for your requests. kindly please send me a sample of all items that you deal with.
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Thank you for your interest. Please kindly state more information about you.
Also please tell me what products you are interested in, samples can be arranged.

Kindest Regards,

Najef EL-Faourie

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Hi my brother. For food and beverage, Can we do business in processed hen egg powders (whole egg, egg Yolk egg albumem powders)?
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Can we discuss more business through mail. My name Isaac from Uganda. You drop me a mail to
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im new in this forum and interested to partner with you,mostly in the area of electronics.
how can you assist?my Email address is
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Good evening Sir
MI am very interested in your offer.
What do you suggest as the best way forward?

Thank you

Kind Regards
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Dear Sir

I am very keen and interested in your offer. How do I get hold of you?

Best regards
Mfundo Nakani
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are you looking for a sales agent in Africa of any products, am Justin Tembo from Zambia, an experienced car salesman . whatsapp me +260969373737
or email
thank you and best regards.
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Hello MR. Najef, i and my wife are the @#$%& of Biomach Physiocare, a beauty and physiotherapy studio in Africa. We like to work with you in the area of lotion, shower Gel and real India Hair business. contact us on
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GETI SERVICES is a company based in Cameroon's capital Yaounde, composed of young engineers and skilled technicians in the fields of Electrical engineering, Computer, Telecommunications, BTP- Import-Export- various services. GETI Services offers its customers a wide range of innovative solutions in the areas mentioned above. GETI Services is looking for partners in the following areas: - Commercial Representations. - Service Deployment. - Sale of equipment and accessories. - Tansfert skills ... With a dynamic sales team and controlling the local market, GETI Services can be your partner for the deployment of your products and services in Cameroon and Central Africa.

Best regard.

The General Manager
Tel:+237 699 66 71 34 /
+ 237 676 60 06 75
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Thanks.I am webby from zambia I am intrested in you let's partner
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