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Re: IT Business Partnership Wanted in Africa.

IT Business Partnership Wanted in Africa.
September 20, 2014 01:25PM
By Seed
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We are an IT Company based in Dublin, Ireland. We are looking for serious like minded entrepreneurs in the field of IT to form a partnership in West Africa, East Africa and South Africa. Some start-up capital will be required from your side.

Business Focus Areas

Internet incubator with a passion for building winning ventures around the globe. Our objective is building successful online marketplace, any type of work that can be done in front of a computer — from every technical skill imaginable for building successful online business.
Secondly we are focused on software development such as hotel management software and applications, tour operators management software and applications, rural healthcare management software and applications, enterprise resource planning management software applications school management software and application and smart card solutions.

P.S: Only serious entrepreneurs with track record of getting things done will be consider.
for more information visit our home page:
Email: (No spams please)

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contact me. for serious business
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