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Re: From USA: I am looking for partners in the used clothing business

Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 1
Hello, I am looking for buyers of used clothing by containers for Africa. I am a grader/exporter of used clothing and shoes from the USA. I manufacture bales of graded clean used clothing for resale. If interested please email me directly
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Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 2
hi my name's dieynaba from senegal can you please give me more details coz i'm really interested .
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Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 7
my email is contact me for serious business. Thanks.
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Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 37
Hello partners i have private foreign Investor in search for possible investment opportunities they are willing to invest in any part of the Middle East,GCC Gulf countries and African since there is evidence of a prominent economic out there,they are looking for a partners to venture with in any good profitable business,so if you are interested to know more about the venture business and what kind of business the investors are interested in you can send me a mail on (
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