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Volunteer Social work and Wildlife Projects
December 21, 2005 01:25PM
By Pace
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People of all ages, backgrounds, income levels, and abilities have chosen
to spend two weeks to three years of their lives, volunteering in many
different capacities on projects all over the world. With enough research
and persistence, you could volunteer on almost any type of project
Duration & Time of Year

How long do you hope to be abroad for? There are international volunteer
projects lasting from one week to three years. Many of the programs have
set dates, while others allow the volunteer to determine their own start
and end dates

There are Various types of Jobs people to chose from.
Teaching,..,conversational English, computer, helping out with kids,

Contact us for more information
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December 21, 2005 01:52PM
Anonymous User
I am a Professional Language ( French and English) Teacher. I am currently training ELT Primary Teachers at IMAP/Nampula in Mozambique. I would like to volunteer in a job within my area or any area related to language use or teaching. I can speak English, French, Swahili from the DRC ( where I come from), and Portuguese.

Kindly advise on how to get this job.

Mwanyimi Bushabu.
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