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volunteers and group patrners needed

volunteers and group patrners needed
September 22, 2005 06:43AM
By robi
Registered: 9 years ago
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we are a youth organisation based in nairobi kenya with plans to expand into the larger east africa. we carry out youth empowerment programmes aimed at developing skills and talents of young people.
we are looking for volunteers from around the world who are aged between 18-30 years and must be development conscious, responsible in character and talented in youth development issues. we prefer people without prior employment or experience but focused in being change agents. we also need organisations to partner in our programmes.apply as an individual or group.
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September 24, 2005 02:49PM
Registered: 9 years ago
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I sent you an email using your yahoo account but have not yet received feed back from you. I am interested in this venture of yours.

Could you kindly send me more details?

Judith K - Kenya
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