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promising business to start in Kenya; Real estate

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I am a business woman in Kenya that deals in clothes selling but recently ventured into real estate. If anyone is ever interested in investing in real estate I would advise them to build rental houses near universities and colleges. As much as there are few built rentals, many students still hustle to get rooms and are forced to leave home early to book a house. Most go for self contained bed sitters because they are affordable. This is a hidden gold mine but most locals around the universities cannot afford to invest in such business. Another thing is that land surrounding the University is usually more expensive. The nearer your rentals are to the University, the better.
Another great businesa idea is a big storage room. Most students especially those who reside in school hostels are usually stranded on where to leave their belongings when they close for short holidays. They obviously cannot go home with all their stuff. The students are more than willing to pay a small fee just to have a safe place to leave their luggage as they go home. I hope this helps someone who is looking for a business to invest in.
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