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Foreign companies/individuals looking for local/on-site representation in Nigeria and Sub-sahara Africa

Perhaps, you have a project in Africa and you/your company are/is looking for on-site representation?

Is the project in Nigeria or Sub-Saharan Africa?

We aren't looking for purchase/reselling opportunities.
We aren't interested in individuals, looking for a way to get their products into Africa, such as garments and spices. (although, there might be exceptional cases)

    [*] Logistics
    [*] Operations
    [*] Human Resource
    [*] Telecommunications
    [*]Real Estate
    [*] General Management
    [*]Administrative role

We do not seek any upfront payments before commencement of the job, as long as we have an understanding, so that can be laid to rest.

We could also look at other cases of international representation WITHIN AFRICA, as long as it is within our scope, and we may also be able to help in searching for other professionals to handle execution of projects that fall outside our scope.

I look forward to hearing from all interested parties.

I am also interested in networking opportunities, from like-minded intelligent individuals. Feel free to drop by, anytime.

Kindly avoid spamming.

Kind Regards,

'Sol Cross de Idialu
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