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I am a businessman from Malawi,Central Africa,I am involved mainly in selling of used cars and used spare parts from Japan,I am seeking interested business partners from japan and the rest of the world to join me in this lucrative business,if you are interested dont hesitate to email me,for further information
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Hello Everyone!
I have a dream .I am planning to have girls school in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia.I want to support girls with potential fro all over Ethiopia.I need partner and I can explain the details if interested person contact me.This is a good business plan and helping people with potential plan as the same me by email
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I live in the UK and I have been been exporting used vehicles to Nigeria and Ghana as requested by my customers.

I can supply both LHD Vehicles from EUROPE and RHD Vehicles from the UK.

I am interested in knowing more about the vehicles you are interested in buying.

If we agree on pricing then we can be improve our business.

Remember that all UK Vehicles are RHD'S.

I hope to hear fro you

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I am businessman from India and have been dealing in used automobiles as well as trucks and construction equipment . Looking for long term and resource full partners in African countries to expand this business .

I can also source cheap spare parts for all vehicles . Sourcing of second hand card from Thailand is also possible for me as I have a trustworthy partner there also .

Interested and established businessman please contact me .
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