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Looking for a part time job on Zanzibar.

Looking for a part time job on Zanzibar.
February 09, 2015 10:22PM
By Maggi
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I’m planning to move back to Zanzibar after a few years away. So now I’m checking out the possibilities for work on the Island.
Came first time to Zanzibar in 2008 to study International Project Management and stayed a year extra after finishing the studies. Have experience as a voluntary at Kanga Kabisa, Women & Heritage Centre in Stone Town and at Femina HIP in Dar.
10 years of experience in Public Primary School in Norway. I have also been coordinating events, courses and workshops in addition to many years of experience in the hospitality industry.
I’m looking for a part time job as a social teacher/counsellor, project coordinator or other exciting job opportunity
If you have one, know about one or have someone you think needs me...please contact me!

Best Regards

Margaret O, Juliusson ( Maggie)
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