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Re: Specimen Collector

Specimen Collector
March 01, 2012 04:33PM
Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 4
Insect Collectors,

I am a senior biology undergraduate with experience in entomology and invertebrate zoology as well as other fields in ecology/zoology. I really want to travel to Africa and I was thinking a way to offset the cost of travel would be to collect insects in Africa to sell abroad to collectors. Any collectors interested in paying me for LEGAL ETHICAL specimen collecting, please let me know. I would be especially happy to collector for legitimate research and or museum collections. I am also interested in any information I can get on obtaining permits and what type of CITES or other protected species to avoid collecting at all. I'm mostly seeing how much interest is out there and if travelling Alfred Russel Wallace style is still a viable plan.


Zach Fitzner
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Re: Specimen Collector
March 05, 2012 08:53PM
Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 5
hi am insects collector from Tanzania East Africa, can you contact with me via my email address for more information
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