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Moving to Mauritius

Moving to Mauritius
May 07, 2008 07:52AM
By Simone1
Registered: 9 years ago
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Hi There,

I need some advise/information as I have searched the internet for information on moving to Mauritius but it seems to be rather scarse.

My fiance and I want to move to Mauritius quite soon (within the next two years). I am a British Citizen with South African Residency and my fiance has a British passport with Residecy in South Africa too. We are both experienced, my fiance has been working in IT for many years now with an MCSE and is currently furthering his studies, I currently work in a property development company and have previous experience in a very large South African based tourism company.

Does having Bitish Citizenship help at all and if not, is it difficult to move to Mauritius? I have received very negative feedback from a company who specialises in moving South African companies and business men to Mauritius (no names mentioned out of courtesy). I have been told that a so called "working class individual" will not be accepted into Mauritius and that I should not waste my time and instead try Austrailia or New Zealand. Is there any truth in this? I was also told that Mauritius is not looking for immigrants, is that true?

Also, if I have friends (I have friends here who are Mauritian citizens and are relocationg to Mauritius soon to open a business)or direct family who plan on moving to Mauritius and opening a business there, would this work in my favour?

Apologies for the vast amount of question asked but any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Simone Smith

P.S. We have a small dog, is there any information you can provide me with regard to moving our dog with us?
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About Moving into Mauritius
May 11, 2008 10:55AM
By flare
Registered: 9 years ago
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I am also a foreginer living in Mauritius.If you are planning to move together to Mauritius it is quite easy and possible. It takes 3-5 working days to complete the process. The easiest thing to do is to open your own company in Mauritius. You and your fiance can be partners. Then the offical company registration will be done and you will have 3 years of residence right with an occupational permit in Mauritius. You do not need to start opearting the company right away and you just need to register it.

Again you can easily get a permit in 3-5 days. It is easier than most countries. I have a friend who specializes in these procedures for a fee of 2000 Euros which includes the permits for all of you and also it includes finding you a house to rent. The typical rent values are between $200 and $400 per month and the best part to live in Mauritius is in the North.

If you need further information just send me an email and I would be glad to introduce you to my friend who has also done all of the above procedures for me for the same price.

Hope you will be happy in your endeavour
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Re: Moving to Mauritius
May 11, 2008 02:11PM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 13
Hi Simone
What you have been told about Mauritius is absolutely wrong. Over the last 3 years Mauritius has embraced bold reforms that have made it among the most open for foreign investors and among the low tax economies in the world. Mauritius ranked 8th (of 178 countries) for the ease of starting a Business ( and 18th for the freest economy in the world (source: Heritage Foundation). Mauritius has a number of schemes that allows non-citizens to come and invest or work in the now open economy. Among them is the popular Occupation Permit.
The Occupation Permit allows non-citizen to live and work in Mauritius for up to 3 years. After 3 years, you can apply for either a 10 year occupation permit or a permanent residence permit. You are eligible to the latter only if some conditions are met. An application for occupation permit can be made under the following categories:
Investor – The business activity should generate an annual turnover exceeding Rs 3.0 million
Professional – The basic salary of the professional should exceed Rs30,000 per month
Self-Employed – Income from the self-employed business activity should exceed Rs600,000 annually.
A complete application is determined within 3 days only.
It won’t be difficult for both of you to register under the above categories. Mauritius is actually working at making the ICT sector the fifth pillar of the economy. The demand for experienced IT professionals reached an all-time high during the last months with low increase in the supply ( Mauritian companies especially in the Textile and Telecommunication sector are recruiting more foreign IT professionals. You should register as a professional if you can found a job that pays you more than Rs30,000 monthly.
Alternatively you can register as a Self-employed or investor but should meet the annual turnover/income requirements.
Should you require more information please contact me.
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