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Local Information
November 12, 2001 07:50PM
Anonymous User
Does anyone know wher I can get information on The cost of living in Mauritius.
How much a "nice" 2 bedroom cost to rent
Approximate cost of food for 2 for a month
things like that

If you need information on Vancouver Canada we can trade information.
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Glad you asked
November 14, 2001 03:38PM
By patsy
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 4
I've been wondering those things, also. Live in the USA and am going to Mauritius (January) for an extended stay with a contract job. Hopefully, someone will give us both the scoop on average costs to live there.

Jacksonville, FL USA
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Local Information
January 24, 2002 09:10AM
Anonymous User
I happened to live there for about a year and a half. I lived in a nice house in Curepipe which I rented for US$300/month complete with furnitures and appliances (1997 -1999). Food for 2 persons if u cook in the house will only cost you US$250 - 300/month.
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