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Volcanic Information

Volcanic Information
August 30, 2001 10:41PM
Anonymous User
I was trying to research the merits of a recent news I heard about regarding a major volcano in Africa (possible underwater)which is predicted to erupt causing a major tidal wave / tsunami across the Atlantic..

Does anyone have any info? If you reply to this posting, please email me direct


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Canary islands volcanoe
September 03, 2001 08:32AM
Anonymous User
I beleive it is one of the Canary Islands. (not sure which)
If it erupts (any time between now and the year 5000 or so) a third of the island (unstable) will collapse into the sea causing the wave which will hit Africa, Eastern USA and Europe. USA gets it worst as their on that side.

Phil J
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re: Volcanix Information
September 04, 2001 09:34AM
Anonymous User
Thanks for the info... indeed it is the Canaries Islands, which has the 3rd largest active volcano in the world (1&2 are Hawaii).

Since volcanoes are unpredictable, we probably have better chance of drowning in the bathtub...

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