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schooling in mauritius

life and schools in mauritius
February 22, 2004 10:35AM
Anonymous User
dear kaysavven/other good samaritans
thanks for the info given earlier..few clarifications..
i am planning to come to mauritius as i have heard it is a beautiful and clean
i am fairly well settled here with a package matching mauritius offer
i would like 2 clarifications
... is the cost of schooling 10000/month or
per year
.... is it for 1 child or both together

what is scope for further higher education for the kids after class 12
my main attraction would be to get better avenues for the kids
do reply
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schooling in mauritius
February 23, 2004 05:32AM
Anonymous User
Hello Kans ,

No the cost is about 10000 per kid per month, and for you to confirm about the net cost i will suggest you to visit the school website i'm sure they will help you out.

For further education , we have around 5 official institutions that i can say are reliable and their degrees are recognised.
And if your children want to pursue their career in england. FOr someone from here , i believe there is no big formalities when going to study in the UK.

I sincerely dont know the situation in your country. But Mauritius tends to be COOL & RELAX. Yet there is a whole lot of competition regarding professionals. The area where it might be tough is purchasing power. Visiting mauritius is a COOL factor ! but living its a little tough . Not discouraging you , but showing you the true colours.

Now Kans lets be realistic here. With globalisation everywhere its gonna be like this. Yet with mauritius i believe its going to be a better place than elsewhere.

For your kids and your professional life :: its a considerable jump.

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