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Info required on life and Job career in Maurtius..Please help

Registered: 5 years ago
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I am Kiran working in Hyderabad, India as a IT lead having nearly 7 Years of IT experience. I have an interview coming week for a position in Mauritius. Before attending it I would like to know few things regarding Mauritius.

1. Is it suggestible for me to move to Mauritius in terms of career growth?
2. How much salary I can demand if I get a job?
3. My CTC in India is bit low...its around 60,000 INR, so what will be the salary that I should demand in order to save approx 1 lakh INR per month? (I am married and expecting a kid this June, so we are three)
4. How to migrate my dependents (My wife and kid) to Mauritius?
5. Cost of living in Mauritius and best places to work.

It would be of great help if some one could help me providing the required info...Thank you.
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