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Re: Thinking of moving to mauritius from south africa

Registered: 7 years ago
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Please help me.

My grandparents are from mauritius. How do I go about come over on there surname? I have 1 child and will be married soon. Will my daughter and husband to be, be able to come over as well on my grandparents surname?

What the job opportunities are there for me and him. He works at the moment as junior operator in sappi saicor. I running a family garden service during the day and I work at seafarers mission in durban in the evening.

Any advise and/or guidance will much appreciated.

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Registered: 3 years ago
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We are a specialised society in investment and business in Mauritius and can advise you and help you obtain your permanent resident. Feel free to send me an e-mail on
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Registered: 3 years ago
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I am semi retired. living in South Africa on a permanent residence visa already 61 years, have a German passport. Own property in Somerset West. I have a German life partner with daughter already for over 2 years. On renewing her life partner visa with home affairs last year in November we have difficulties in finding out where her new visa is. NO ANSWER FROM HOME AFFAIRS Her mom passed away in last month and she had to fly to Hamburg without a visa. At Cape Town airport they stamped her passport that she cannot return for 5 years due to her visa still in waiting. we appealed and 6 weeks later still no answer. ON APPEAL AND VISA
I have had enough of this after paying taxes and being a loyal citizen for over 60 years and now where I want to retire with my loved one, we get split. South Africa doesn't care for us anymore under this corrupt government.
We want to reunite in Mauritius , purchase a house or villa . my life partner is 47 and her daughter 7 and I am 67. perhaps want to open a little business there but first want to survey what is best in your country. I want to invest round about R3mil plus (Rs8.6mil) in Mauritius. I am still in the office automation and pabx telecoms business and life partner has boutique, wellness centre and other retail bus experience and more. travelled around the world 4 times as boutique manager on the largest cruise ships. We speak English, Afrikaans, Dutch and little French.
Can you help in regarding retirement visa for myself and permanent residence for all three of us?

Looking forward to your answer.
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