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Port Louis Mauritius(Central Market)

Port Louis Mauritius(Central Market)
August 30, 2010 03:21AM
By katzz
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The Central Market is a tourist attraction and it's best seen that way. The market variously sells curios, pareos, handbags, cushion covers, fabrics, shirts, (many of these items are imported from India) vegetables, "fast" foods - and there is a meat market across the road which is part of the whole. It is colourful, bustling, hot, crowded, smells pungent and is worth a visit - just for the experience - but I don't advise shopping there - you will be ripped off - even if you bargain. If you want a market experience where you can shop, go to the market in Curepipe which is open twice a week. Alternately, do your shopping at the price controlled stores at La Caudon Waterfront and elsewhere.

The vendors in the market know that tourists want to both shop and haggle. Accordingly they price their wares way above average. Even if you were to knock off half the price (and you'd be thinking you were getting a good deal) you're still likely to be paying more than you would at the price controlled stores.

So my advice is this - go there for a visit, take some photos, absorb the atmosphere, have fun and a good mooch around but don't shop.

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