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Mahebourg Waterfront Mauritus

Mahebourg Waterfront Mauritus
August 30, 2010 03:14AM
By katzz
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Mahébourg is one of the main fishing centres. It lies in the bay of Grand Port and has a Naval Museum, housed in the French colonial mansion where in 1810 the English and French naval commanders, both wounded in battle, were brought to be given medical care. A handicraft village built in typical island architecture is found in the premises of the museum.

It has the longest bridge on the island, spanning over La Chaux River. The place is under constant development and it is well reputed for the number of tourists' visits per year. Fishing is a common practise among the "Mahebourgeois".

Mahebourg is also reputed for its educational institutions, namely Emmanuel Anquetil State Secondary School and Loretto Convent, both offering promising aftermath results and some rare talents. There was a time (1995 - 2002) when EASSS was producing numerous IT intellects. The last year of that climax was even more glorious, with a student attaining 5th, in Advanced Level Computing, throughout the island.

If the heat is unbearable, one would always fancy a stroll at the waterfront or better enough, a swim at the seaside might be more appealing.

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