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Elective in Mauritius

Elective in Mauritius
November 15, 2009 04:32PM
By Yixian
Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 1
Hey guys,

I'm a medical student in the UK, my area of interest is tropical medicine and I am interested in studying infectious disease on an elective in Mauritius - particularly learning about chikungunya and malaria.

Does anyone know of any organisations or contacts that I might be able to get in touch with to arrange something like this? Maybe a contact at SSRN or even the SSRN main email address (cant find it!).

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Re: Elective in Mauritius
January 17, 2011 06:06AM
By Afsana
Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 2

I'm a medical student from Australia. My friends and I would like to do a medical elective in Mauritius but don't know who to contact. In particular we are interested in SSRN but I can't find their main contact either. Or some sort of uptodate administrative person in charge.

I'd appreciate any help! smiling smiley
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Re: Elective in Mauritius
February 08, 2011 12:58PM
Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 4
hi - ive posted a message on the other thread in reply to this. I've organised my elective for Mauritius this summer and could give you the contact numbers I used if you wish.
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Re: Elective in Mauritius
February 04, 2017 02:33AM
Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

An old feed, but similar questions. I am a fourth year medical student wanting to do an elective in Mauritius. How do I go about organising this? Do I still need to go through the Ministry of Health and does anyone know the contact now? I couldn't find Ms Ooriah's contact details anywhere.

Thank you in advance for your help!
smiling smiley
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