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Karonga Malawi

Karonga Malawi
March 14, 2001 03:28PM
Anonymous User
Can anyone tell me anything about Karonga please.
What would it be like to live there?
Is it too far from 'civilisation'
Any information would be welcome.
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April 06, 2001 08:17AM
Anonymous User
Hi Tom,You might wish to know that Malawi is divided into 3 regions(north,south and centre)and each region is divided further into Districts.Such divisions are just for administrative purposes.Eacn region is blessed with a city.Karonga is in the north of Malawi.I come from the north myself(Chitipa).After Mzuzu(the city),I rank Karonga on the second position.It depends on where you will actually be in karonga..But if it's in the town,I can promise you that you have nothing to worry about.People there are used to Tourists and they know ho wto treat them.It is Such a hot place..By the way ,where are you from?This is all I can say.I should be able to help you if I knwo the specific questions that you have.Enjoy yourself in Karonga!!!
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