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Diving in the lake.

Diving in the lake.
July 02, 1999 01:27PM
Anonymous User
Wow what a great site !!!!!
Well here goes,
does anyone know of a good dive operator or rental service on the lake. Any personal experiences would be great, thanks..

Please post any replies here.
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July 04, 1999 06:36AM
Anonymous User
Hey Phil

I`ve dived in the lake and the two best places in my opinion are Nkhata Bay and the islands off Salima.

In Nkhata bay I used Aqua Africa ( they have a page on this site ) and got good kit and good guides. (recomend). Dive sites were okay as well.

Salima bay is a bit more go it alone as I didn`t find any dive companies there but I got kit off a guy I met in a bar and went diving with him on the islands. (great)

PS I was there 2 years ago.

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Watch out !!
July 21, 1999 01:03PM
Anonymous User
watch out for the hippo`s
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diving in malawi lake
February 03, 2000 09:49AM
Anonymous User
hi everybody
I'm going to dive in malawi lake on march 00.
I would like to know if the water is clear during this period (rainny period), if it's easy to see the fihs and if it's safe.
I'm interesting also by all sort of informations who can help me for my futur trip (1 month).

Thanks a lot
Seb (france)
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Diving Lake Malawi
August 24, 2000 09:29AM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 3
Phil, Probably one of the finest freshwater dive spots in Africa and definitely on Lake Malawi is to be found off of Kande Island. The PADI dive school "Aquanuts" offers inexpensive, personalized courses and the owner, Phil Parker has over twenty years diving experience in Africa, both Scuba and Free-Diving. The school is based in Kande Beach Campsite, which is well worth visting anyway. For futher info, contact Phil Parker PObox 22 Kande, Nkhata Bay District,Malawi C.Afica. Keep in mind the post is very slow. Directions to the campsite are available in any good, up to date guidebook.
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September 02, 2000 04:15PM
By kristin
Registered: 9 years ago
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Aquanuts Kande is v. good. Check out the info on Mwaya is very relaxing and beautiful.
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November 23, 2000 06:05PM
Anonymous User
Thanks all for the info I haven`t been to this forum for a while, its good to see some answers to my question.
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