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working in Malawi

working in Malawi
November 11, 2000 02:27PM
Anonymous User
I will be going to work in the Malawi Polytechnic for two years. I was told that I will be provided with the basic furnitures in my accommendation, but I need to bring my own beddings, ultensils et al. Can someone advise me whehter it is better to buy these things locally or to trnasport them half way round the world?
I will be living in Blantyre. What is the situation there with malari? What is the most effective protective measure?
I am currently living in Singapore.
Many thanks
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Working in Malawi
November 12, 2000 12:31PM
Anonymous User

In Malawi, you can buy bedding, utensils and most other goods you would require - there is no shortage - best places are the markets.

There is Malaria in Malawi and it is particularly bad during the raining season. As far as advice for protective measures against malaria you need to check with your doctor or you could try this website:

Hope this helps.

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December 06, 2000 03:17PM
Anonymous User
It would be very wise to get prescriptions for malaria prophylactics from your doctor and to start to take them before you leave for Malawi. There are weekly as well as daily dose types available.
Enjoy your stay!
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February 07, 2001 11:56AM
Anonymous User
Living in Malawi is the most exciting experience foreigners can have.You will find cheerful Malawians eager to help.We have a big lake...some mountains and indeed some animals.I have been brought up there myself...most malawians speak English but you will need some knowledge of chichewa...why not?By the way,the chichewa equivalent of 'how are you' is 'Muli bwanji'...easy,not so?You will need some malawian friends who can be guiding you on daily life.the beginning might be difficult but with time,you will get used.It is hot there.I wish you an enjoyable stay in malawi.
Steve Musopole
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