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Maize dealers

Maize dealers
August 02, 2011 09:32AM
Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 27
Am Anna and am based in Kenya- i would wish to connect with traders of Maize and timber.
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Re: Maize dealers
October 05, 2011 08:57PM
Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 5
Hie Anna,
Iam aMalawian lady living in Malawi and with much experience in timber selling.My brother happens to work and also live right in the plantantions where timber is readly available for sell.Maize is also not ascarce commodity I can arrange for you.Contact me on my email: and on my mobile number +265 999 372273.
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Re: Maize dealers
June 01, 2014 06:48PM
Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 1
This is Michael Wen. My old email doesnt work. Please email me at or leave your email.
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