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Maps & Atlases
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History & Politics
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Travel Guides

Uganda Handbook - Edition 2002  (Maps Worldwide) ( - USA    ( - UK
Published by Footprint Handbooks
This guide to Uganda offers comprehensive information enabling the traveller to get off the standard trail and experience so much more of the country. The guide provides detailed information on national parks and game reserves along with up-to-date listings on the practicalities of travel.

Uganda, 4th: The Bradt Travel Guide
( - USA    ( - UK
This fourth edition of the Bradt guide to Uganda has been updated and considerably expanded to include not just every aspect of the country's tourist infrastructure, but also far more detailed coverage of the cultural and environmental issues that are Uganda's greatest asset.

Guide to Uganda   (Maps Worldwide)
Published by BRADT Publications Series Country Guides
Bradt guides are for those who wish not merely to see, but to understand - colour illustrated

Spectrum Guide to Uganda (Serial)  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Camerapix (Compiler)
With more than 200 scintillating full-color photos, "Spectrum Guide to Uganda" is an in-depth guide to this land of abundant wildlife, flowers and plants as well as cascading waterfalls and rushing rivers such as the Nile.

Uganda, 3rd Edition  ( - USA
by Philip Briggs

East Africa Handbook : With Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia (5th Ed)  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Michael Hodd

Maps & Atlases

Uganda International Travel Maps  (Maps Worldwide)
Published by ITMB Publishing Ltd Series Africa Sheet map
specialise in areas that are interesting, exotic and off the beaten track - light, practical and should be invaluable for the backpacker, traveller or tourist.

Uganda Nelles Map
( - USA    ( - Europe
Over 44 full-color street maps for Cairo, with clear indexes for streets, cultural centers, embassies, hotels and other points of interest. Includes the principal areas of metropolitan Cairo and Giza. This work is presented in an easy-to-use format.

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda 1:2,000,000   (Maps Worldwide)
Published by Freytag & Berndt Maps Series International Road Maps
Map High quality road maps with place name index. In many countries these are simply the best maps available. Scales vary according to the size of the country. Index is in several languages.

Wildlife & Flora

The Chimpanzees of Kibale Forest : A Field Study of Ecology and Social Structure
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Michael Patrick Ghiglieri

The Year of the Gorilla   ( - USA    ( - UK
by George B. Schaller

The Impenetrable Forest  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Thor Hanson
The Impenetrable Forest offers an unforgettable story and a rare glimpse into the world of Uganda's endangered mountain gorillas and the human cultures that surround them.

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History & Politics

Changing Uganda : The Dilemmas of Structural Adjustment & Revolutionary Change (Eastern African Studies Series)
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Michael Twaddle (Editor), Holger B. Hansen (Editor)

The Combing of History  ( - USA    ( - UK
by David William Cohen

Alice Lakwena and the Spirits : War in Northern Uganda 1985-96 (Eastern African Studies) by Heike Behrend  ( - USA

Country Review, Uganda 1999/2000   ( - USA
by Robert C. Kelly (Editor), Debra Ewing (Editor), Stanton Doyle (Editor), Denise Youngblood (Editor)
up-to-date source for political and economic information

The Elusive Promise of Ngos in Africa : Lessons from Uganda (International Political Economy Series)
  ( - USA
by Susan Dicklitch
Dicklitch challenges the dominant neo-liberal discourse on democratization and development in Africa that views NGOs and civil society as the panacea for underdevelopment and authoritarianism.

Kingship and State : The Buganda Dynasty (African Studies, No 88)   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Christopher Wrigley
In a study of Africa's political and religious past, Christopher Wrigley uses local traditions and comparative mythology to explore an ancient system of myth and ritual in the precolonial kingdom of Bugunda, the nucleus of modern Uganda. The study includes critical assessment of oral traditions, and places Buganda in a wider regional context. The book is an elegant, wide-ranging and original study of one of Africa's most famous kingdoms.

The Last King of Scotland   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Giles Foden
In an effort at historical verisimilitude, the author of this decidedly quirky yet absorbing novel, Giles Foden ... has interviewed an impressive list of eyewitnesses to the horrific events in Uganda under the ruthless Amin.   (The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Walter Abish)

Obote : A Political Biography  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Kenneth Ingham, Milton Kenneth Ingham

Peasants Against the State : The Politics of Market Control in Bugisu, Uganda, 1900-1983
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Stephen G. Bunker

Service Provision Under Stress in East Africa : The State, Ngos & People's Organizations in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Joseph Semboja (Editor), Ole Therkildsen (Editor), Cle Therkildsen

Uganda : Tarnished Pearl of Africa (Nations of the Modern World. Africa)
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Thomas P. Ofcansky
briefly outlines the history of the east African country before, during, and to the end of British rule; then focuses on the period 1962- 1994 to examine the government and politics, society and culture, the economy, and foreign policy.

Uganda Since Independence : A Story of Unfulfilled Hopes  ( - USA
by Phares Mutibwa

Idi Amin and Uganda  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Martin Jamison (Compiler)

People & Culture

Uganda -The Pearl of Africa  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Paul Joynson-Hicks
This is the experience of Uganda in one location! This book gives a complete, beautiful look at "the pearl of Africa." If you are thinking of visiting Uganda and want to know what to expect or if you have been to the country and want to savor the experience, this book is a must! Paul Joynson-Hicks photographs a little of everything and the photography is beautiful. There is also a great overview of Uganda's history. I can't say enough....get this book and it will take you to Uganda again and again!!  ( A reader from Denver, USA , October 7, 1998)

The Mountain People   ( - USA
by Colin Turnbull

Bunyoro : An African Kingdom   ( - USA    ( - UK
by John Beattie

Kampala Women Getting by : Wellbeing in the Time of AIDS (Eastern African Studies)
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Sandra Wallman, Grace Bantebya-Kyomuhendo
What do ordinary women in an African city do in the face of an AIDS epidemic without the benefit of what would be considered as basic health provision in an American or European city? This work draws a holistic picture of the options available to local people, and provides an understanding of problems and opportunities for health care in tropical cities. The author aims to effectively map the social contexts of the perception and management of AIDS.

The Lugbara of Uganda (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)  ( - USA    ( - UK
by John Middleton

Uganda (Major World Nations)  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Alexander Creed
Surveys the history, topography, people, and culture of Uganda with an emphasis on its current economy, industry, and place in the political world.

Other Books & Novels

Ecology of an African Rain Forest: Logging in Kibale and the Conflict Between Conservation and Exploitation
  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Thomas T. Struhsaker
Thomas T. Struhsaker summarizes 20 years of research in the Kibale forest in Uganda, one of the most important centers for the study of tropical rain forests in Africa. Among the longest ongoing projects in rain forest ecology anywhere, Struhsaker's differs from the great majority of logging studies by emphasizing the fauna rather than looking only at the commercially valuable timber species.

Uganda (Enchantment of the World)   ( - USA
by Ettagale Blauer, Jason Laure, Ettagle Blauer
Childrens book: Ages 9-12 , discuss geography, history, religions, culture, economy, and daily life.

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