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The Rough Guide to the Music Kenya & Tanzania   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
Some more traditional music also appears and these tracks are also good or at least interesting. Tracks 10 and 11 featuring Mlimani Park Orchestra and Juwata Jazz Band are real gems in my mind. The first is very melodious, well orchestrated and with soothing vocals. The second has similar qualities and although it begins slowly, it ends with a flourish. One can say that these songs are simply musical. (Reviewer: a listener from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)

Tanzania: Music of Farmer Composers of Sukumaland  ( - USA     ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD

Sema  ( - USA     ( - UK
by Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila
I waited a long time to find this cd and the wait was worth it. Remmy is a transplanted Zairian who enriched Tanzania with magnificent soukouss or rumba style music. His own style, with the horns and other percussion instruments is unique. he switches from Swahili to Lingala and English like nothing or like no other African singer I ever heard. ( a listener from Montreal, Qc )

Chibite   ( - USA     ( - UK
by Hukwe Ubi Zawose - Audio CD
Zawose can perform magic with his voice. He and his son--armed only with voices, thumb pianos, a Tanzanian violin, and ankle bells--create a landscape that takes you far away from the wherever you reside. So you don't understand a word? Who cares? The meaning and joy seep into your mind. This is music for the love of making music--something we seem to have largely forgotten in the rush of industry, biz, and hype

Kenya & Tanzania: Witchcraft & Ritual Music  ( - USA     ( - UK
by Various Artists
This is the best authentic tribal music collection that I have ever heard! ( a listener from Charleston, West Virginia, USA )

Leila   ( - USA     ( - UK
by Bana Maquis

Ngambo: The Other Side of Zanzibar  ( - USA     ( - UK
by Kidumbak Kalcha

Ngoma Iko Huku   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba - Audio CD

Songs for the Poor Man  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super - Audio CD
Remmy Ongala is a household name in Tanzania, Ringing guitar lines and loping bass lines counterpoint Ongala's soulful vocals on eight songs concerning serious topics such as poverty, injustice, death, and, of course, human passion. Both danceable and intelligently listenable, his music is validation for a culture where music is an integral force in everyday life.

Taarab 3 - Music of Zanzibar   ( - USA
by Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba - Audio CD

Mambo  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super - Audio CD
The CD has the smooth taste of Swahili music. I recommend the CD to all East Africans abroad. As usual Remmy is at his best again. ( A music fan from New York USA )

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