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Soul Makassar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tarika - Audio CD
wraps serious ideas in a joyful musical robe, looking at the Indonesian ancestry of Madagascar. And so tracks like "Sulawesi" shine an important light on the band and the big red island, connecting the dots across the Indian Ocean. Produced by Sabah Habas Mustapha, who has a strong Indonesian musical pedigree himself, this disc offers a seamless mix of elements from both geographic areas, illustrating the common root.

Vamba   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Vaovy - Audio CD
On Vamba, Jean Gabin Fanovona, the leader, arranger, and songwriter for the Malagasy band Vaovy, creates an intoxicating personal style of music inspired by a variety of modern and traditional sources

Malagasy Guitar/Music from Madagascar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by D'Gary - Audio CD
essential for anyone with even a remote interest in finger-picked acoustic guitar....The sum is both serene and earthy, naive and sophisticated, as if D'Gary had learned from a guitar master and then disappeared to that remote island to create a new language for the instrument...

Moon & The Banana Tree   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
This CD covers the wonderful music of Madagascar and guitar is the main instrument. This CD has a lot of talents ranging from well-known artists such as Dama (Mahaleo) as well as less known but just as good artists. This is a good CD to have for Malagasy people as well as foreigners. (Reviewer: A music fan from US)

Mbo Loza   ( - USA    ( - UK
by D'Gary- Audio CD

Madagasikara One: Current Traditional Music Of Madagascar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD

Truth (Ny Marina)   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Justin Vali Trio - Audio CD
Justin Rakotondrasoa (called Vali after his main instrument) is one of Madagascar's best-known players of the valiha (pronounced "va-lee"), a box harp played upright, with strings on both sides of the box. He is a master of the tradition but is also a lover of innovation and exploration. With Doudou Tovoarimino on guitar and vocals and Clemrass Randrianantoandro on kabossy (a mandolin-like stringed instrument), vocals, and percussion, the Justin Vali Trio is an exciting, all-acoustic ensemble that sounds deeply traditional while never sounding stiff or studied

The Long Way Home   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Dama & D'Gary - Audio CD
Reviewer: A music fan from Pennsylvania, USA These are the top two guitarists of Madagascar. Dama (Mahaleo) as great as he is with guitar as well as singing, realized the talent of another guitar player, D'Gary and decided to sponsor him by producing a CD together... D'Gary had the talent but needed a marketing push. The product is marvelous CD that will delight your ears.

D   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tarika - Audio CD
The best thing to come out of Madagascar since the lemur, Tarika this time out are looking on the lighter side with an album of unadulterated dance music. And what dance music! They redo some classic Malagasy 45s from the '70s, bringing rhythms like the salegy and the sigaoma roaring to life, and mix it up with original material that's every bit as strong

A World Out of Time: Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar, Vol. 2   ( - USA    ( - UK
By David Lindley, Henry Kaiser - Audio CD
The producers of this CD really went to great length to find the talents on this CD. The music is varied and from many parts of Madagascar. This is part of a 3-CD collection and is a "must-have" for Malagasy songs addicts, like myself. (Reviewer: A music fan from Pennsylvania, USA)

Ramano: Madagascar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Feo-Gasy - Audio CD
This is the CD that first interested me in the music of Madagascar. I have since found much more to appreciate about this diverse land and its people. The music has a folksy feel, the rhythms are tight, and the harmonies lush and beautiful. (Reviewer: A music fan from Watsonville, CA USA)

Son Egal   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tarika - Audio CD
This CD is one of favorite of all genres. It is filled with wonderful harmonious voices, vaiety of styles and instrumentation, with adequate production. (This can't be said of much music today.) This CD is enough to capture any music lovers attention. C'est tres bien! (Reviewer: a listener from Floida, USA )

Island of Ghosts   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Rossy - Audio CD
a delight from an artistic point of view. All of these songs has a certain quality of quiet, calm and peacefullness to it. The deliberate use of many uniquely Malagasy instruments and tunes makes it sound very unique.

Madagascar: Masikoro Country - The Accordion (Madagascar: Pays Makikoro, L'Accordeon)   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
Listen to on-line samples

Bibiango   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tarika - Audio CD
This is a really good introduction to Tarika's music and a wonderful CD. This first release from the revamped Tarika Sammy features sisters Hanitra and Noro, backed by three extremely versatile multi-instrumentalists. The 13 songs cover a range of topics: childhood games, marital relations, rituals, drought, and the sorrow of parting. (Reviewer: a listener from Salt Lake City, UT USA)

Resting Place Of The Mists: Valiha & Marovany Music From Madagascar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
Valiha is a great Malagasy instrument. It makes a soothing sound that will take the stress out of your busy day. It is a production that you must have if you want an untainted version of Malagasy folkloric songs. Most of the tracks have lyrics, but a few are for your quiet enjoyment. A must buy (Reviewer: A music fan from Pennsylvania, USA)

Madagasikara Two   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
I liked this Cd because you have a variety of artists and you get many different styles in one CD. The music is typical of the high land for the most part. Pleasing to the ear, valiha is ever present in this Cd. This Cd is for people who wants to know what it would be like to hear Madagascar Radio right now. (Reviewer: A music fan from Pennsylvania, USA)

Flute Master of Madagascar   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Rakotofrah - Audio CD

Jijy Music   ( - USA    ( - UK
Gong Orchestra Of Mundik - Audio CD

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