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Rough Guide...Music Of Kenya
( - USA  ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
spans across many styles from classic benga gems, to sparkling new taarab compositions, with a sampling of the most innovative sounds of Kenya's hip-hop generation.

Rough Guide...Music Of Kenya & Tanzania
( - USA  ( - UK
by Various Artists - Audio CD
an invigorating sample of East African sounds, both traditional and modern, from Kenya and Tanzania. Taking in the acoustic roots of the music, the selection features the marimba (traditional wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano) and a Tanzanian drumming work-out, as well as the strong influence of Zairean dance beats and guitar styles in the region, winding up with the Arabic 'tarab' sounds of the coast

Guitar Paradise of East Africa   ( - USA
  -   Audio CD
The groove is lively, melodic and enchanting - you can't sit down or frown when it's on, which makes it the dogs breakfast for summer parties. What's more, guitar players who thought they'd heard it all will be inspired by the terrific melodic style of these stupendous axemen.. Even the great Jimi Hendrix could have learned something - (he'd admit that too, I'm sure) Reviewer: A music fan from England

Maitu ni Ma Iitu (Our Mother is Our Truth)   ( - USA
Gatua wa Mbugwa - Audio CD
Listen to samples on-line

Witchcraft & Ritual Music: Kenya & Tanzania   ( - USA  ( - UK
Audio CD
This is the best authentic tribal music collection that I have ever heard! Whereas most of today's tribal is found to be only inspired by authentic tribal music and corrupted by outside influences, this is the REAL THING. This CD is a collection of field recordings of everyday people playing their music in the process of performing their sacred rituals. ( a Listener from Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

The Mighty Kings Of Benga - The Victoria Kings ( - USA  ( - UK
Various Artists - Audio CD
I've listened to different kinds of benga before and I can say that nothing has ever come close to Kings's way of benga .It is so soothing one can listen to it the whole day and don't get bored.I wish you could get more CDs by The Mighty Kings of Benga: Victoria Kings. When you do, please e-mail me right away. (A reviewer from Worcester , Massachussets)

The Nairobi Beat: Kenyan Pop Music Today  ( - USA  ( - UK
Kenyan Pop Music - Audio CD
Anyone who hears these songs and does not want to immediately get up and dance is not human. This is African music at its best, full of vivacity, melody, enthusiasm and most important of all, a mesmerizing beat. These songs depict the rich tableau of Kenyan life and relationships in a warm and colorful way. Nicely done. ( a listener from from Jacksonville, FL United States )

Nursery Boys Go Ahead!  ( - USA  ( - UK
Abana Ba Nasery - Audio CD

Mombassa Wedding Special   ( - USA  ( - UK
Audio CD by Maulidi & Party
Listen to tracks on-line

Mambo Jambo [IMPORT]   ( - USA
Safari Sound Band - Audio CD
An interesting variation of familiar tunes and some new hits ( Reviewer: Listener from Germany .)

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