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Sam Mangwana Sings Dinu Vangu  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Sam Mangwana - Audio CD
This CD hails the return of the Congolese rumba by one of the great veteran singers of the genre. Sam Mangwana, who has sung with such giant figures of Congolese music as Franco and Tabu Ley Rochereau, revives a style that has fallen out of fashion--and it makes for glorious listening.

The Rough Guide to Franco: Africa's Legendary Guitar Maestro   ( - USA    ( - UK
an introduction to the finest tracks from Franco, arguably the greatest African musician of the twentieth century. This album is a great introduction to this African legend for the uninitiated and a handy collection for established fans

The Rough Guide to Congolese Soukous  ( - USA    ( - UK
Various Artists
Congolese music - rumba or soukous - has been at the core of African dance music for almost half a century, surpassing just about every other African pop style in existence. The Rough Guide To Congolese Soukous profiles the sweet guitar sound and hip-swinging rhythms of this superb dance rhythm, featuring tracks from some of Africa's greatest stars.

Megamix, Vol. 1   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Lokassa & Soukous Stars - Audio CD

Kwassa Kwassa   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Kanda Bongo - Audio CD

Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies  ( - USAby Various Artists
Pygmy Music is perhaps best described as bursts of harmonic yoldeling, intertwining in a dynamic, rhythmic fashion. It could be quite hypnotising and the enviromental forest setting makes the overall effect fascinating.

Molokai   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Papa Wemba - Audio CD
This live studio performance from one of Africa's greatest stars is a collection of classic hits and new songs, produced by John Leckie, reflecting this stage of Wemba's musical odyssey

Originalite  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Franco & L'o.K. Jazz - Audio CD
I was amazed to find that this music is available on CD. These are important recordings, documenting a seminal period in the development of modern African popular music. If you want to learn the story of modern African popular music, this is a great place to start. ( Reviewer from Washington DC )

Soukous Trouble by Loketo  ( - USA    ( - UK
- Audio CD
Loketo remain for me my most memorable Zairean band from the late 80's, about the time I was a school leaver. However, the album they recorded with Aurlus Mabele "SOUKOUSS LA TERREUR" is their finest work. ( a listener from Ireland )

Emotion   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Papa Wemba - Audio CD
If you enjoy the music of other Afro-pop stars that have risen to popularity lately (i.e., Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour), you'll enjoy Papa Wemba. This disc is a popsy blend of African rhythms, guitars, and wailing vocals, and the charisma and style of Papa Wemba is infectious and entertaining. ( Clayton W. Hibbert from Seattle, WA )

Zing Zong   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Kanda Bongo Man - Audio CD
Hear some on-line samples

Maria Tebbo   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Sam Mangwana - Audio CD
This is one of those exceptional albums that stands the test of time. It is classic soul music from an era when every musician put their heart into a track. And who has a bigger heart than the master, Sam Mangwana. Each track sounds better than the last, and when the album starts with the classic Maria Tebbo, that is no mean feat. ( Reviewer: Matthew Watters from West Indies )

The Very Best of the Rumba Giant of Zaire by Franco  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Franco - Audio CD
An outstanding sampler of Franco's entire career, starting off with early 'Fifties hits such as "On Entre O.K., On Sort K.O.", and cruising through to his late '80s soukous material. It's all hella good. This collection also has very good liner notes, informative about the artist as well as the songs. Recommended! ( A listener from Berkeley, CA United States )

Bameli Soy   ( - USA    ( - UK
by M'Bilia Bel - Audio CD
This disk is pure African soucous. The sweet voice of M'bilia Bel combined with the guitar playing of Ringo is indeed a pleasure to the ears. These upbeat rhythms take me back to some of my favorite memories of Africa. ( Jim Phillips from Tampa, FL USA )

Tcha Tcho   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Koffi Olomide - Audio CD
This singer over the years has brought new life and sizzle to Zairean music. The singing and backups are remarkable. ( a listener from Montreal, Quebec )

Still Alive [LIVE]   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Franco - Audio CD
I can only say that this a true treasure. A mix of the old and the modern, the way this music is supposed to be. ( a listener from Montreal, Quebec )

Super Soukous   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Diblo Dibala/Loketo - Audio CD
There aren't many guitarist that can match the skills and rapid-fire style of Zairean Diblo Dibala, the mainstay behind the band Loketo, a word that means "move you hips" in the Lingala language. And shake your hips you will as soon as you put this CD on! ( a listener from Alexandria, Virginia, United States )

Larger Than Life  ( - USA
by Pepe Kalle - Audio CD
Known throughout Africa as L'Elephant de Zaire, the late Pepe Kalle (born Kabasele Yampanya) was a giant among Congolese vocalists both in terms of voice and girth. The state-of-the-art soukous of 1992's Larger Than Life has aged well.

Soukous in Central Park [LIVE]  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Kanda Bongo Man - Audio CD
I wished I'd been there that day. But I wasn't, and this CD is a testament to Kanda Bongo Man's showmanship and virtuosity. Shall I also mention Fun? Dancing? Exuberance? So there! ( a listener from Los Angeles, CA )

Hello Hello  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Somo Somo Ngobila - Audio CD
Listen to samples on-line

Mutuashi   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tshala Muana - Audio CD
The rare singer who--as in "Muyinga"--makes a political confab between a pair of village elders sound like big fun, Tshala Muana is the Zairean queen of mutuashi, a traditional dance rhythm from her native Kasai region.

Africa Worldwide: 35th Anniversary Album  ( - USA    ( - UK
by Tabu Ley Rochereau - Audio CD
The Congolese peoples (of the former Zaire) have for decades been universally admired for their sweet voices, tantalizing dance moves, and creative rhythmic music. Tabu Ley and group display all this in this astounding collection primarily sung in the Lingala language. ( a listener from Los Angeles, California )

Originalite   ( - USA    ( - UK
by Franco & L'o.K. Jazz - Audio CD
Franco and the OK Jazz are an institution in Central African popular dance music. I was amazed to find that this music is available on CD. These are important recordings, documenting a seminal period in the development of modern African popular music. If you want to learn the story of modern African popular music, this is a great place to start. ( a listener from Washington DC )

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