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Country Guides & Maps

Cameroon 2nd (Bradt Travel Guide)
( - USA    ( - Europe
explores the geographical diversities of Lake Chad in the north, Mount Cameroon in the west, and the dense rainforests of the south. Details of getting around the country by bush-taxi, rail, car or on foot, together with accommodations from camping to mud-hut 'royal palaces', are balanced by a wealth of background information on history, geography, culture, and the environment.

The Rough Guide to West Africa
( - USA     ( - UK
by Jim Hudgens, Richard Trillo
Covering all 16 West African nations, plus trans-Saharan routes and Cameroon, this revised edition includes information on the latest political developments, looks at every national park, and provides practical information on music, eating and drinking, and accommodation. Includes a useful word and phrase list for more than 30 languages. 135 maps and plans.

Country Review, Cameroon 1999/2000
( - USA
by Robert C. Kelly (Editor), Debra Ewing (Editor), Stanton Doyle (Editor), Denise Youngblood (Editor)
up-to-date source for political and economic information

Cameroon in Pictures
( - USA     ( - UK
by Jim Hathaway, Rudolf Steiner, Department Of Geogr Lerner Publications (Editor), Publications Departmen Lerner
An introduction to the geography, history, economy, government, people, and culture of this central African country situated on the Atlantic coast.

Central Africa Map
(Maps Worldwide)
Published by GeoCenter International UK Ltd.
Folded Map, Scale 1:4 000 000
A high quality series of world maps at a good scale and a competitive price. The maps show motorways, principal highways, secondary roads, with road numbering where practicable, and distances between selected points. There is tourist information and indications of places of interest, with a legend in eight languages - German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish. Street plans of major cities are also included.

(Maps Worldwide)
Published by by ITMB Publishing Ltd
specialise in areas that are interesting, exotic and off the beaten track. The maps are light, practical and should be invaluable for the backpacker, traveller or tourist. This map includes a place name index and town maps of Yaounde and Douala.

Cameroon - Sheet map  (Maps Worldwide)
Full colour Institut Geographique National (IGN) - Countries and Cities of the World

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History & Politics

African State and Society in the 1990s : Cameroon's Political Crossroads
( - USA   ( - UK
by Joseph Takougang, Milton H. Krieger

Communication Efficiency and Rural Development in Africa : The Case of Cameroon
( - USA   ( - UK
by Komben Emmanuel Ngwainmbi, Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi

Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cameroon
( - USA   ( - UK
by Mark W. Delancey, H. Mbella Mokeba
It looks at the many groups that make up the Republic of Cameroon and focuses on individuals who have played a notable role. It also delves into political, economic, social, cultural, and other aspects.  (Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.)

Introduction to the History of Cameroon; Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries   ( - USA
by Martin Njeuma

People & Culture

Dialogue and the Interpretation of Illness : Conversations in a Cameroon Village
( - USA   ( - UK
by Robert Pool

Men Own the Fields, Women Own the Crops : Gender and Power in the Cameroon Grassfields
( - USA   ( - UK
Affirming that gender will continue to transform class formation and the state, the author considers the internal power relations within the Nso' chiefdom of the western grassfields of Cameroon and the ways in which its political networks articu by Miriam Goheen

Middlemen of the Cameroon Rivers: The Duala and their Hinterland c.
( - USA   ( - UK
by Ralph A. Austen, Jonathan M. Derrick
about the Duala 'middlemen', who functioned as intermediaries between Europeans and their own hinterland for over 300 years. Originally traders in ivory, slaves and palm products, they then became colonial-era cocoa planters, and finally took a leading role in anti-colonial politics.

The Politics of Cultural Difference in Northern Cameroon
( - USA   ( - UK
by Philip Burnham

The Voyage of King Njoya's Gift : A Beaded Sculpture from the Bamum Kingdom, Cameroon, in the National Museum of African Art
( - USA
by Christraud M. Geary

Family and Farm in Southern Cameroon (African Research Studies, No 15)   ( - USA
by Jane I. Guyer

Other Books & Novels

The Fortune-Tellers
( - USA   ( - UK
by Lloyd Alexander, Trina Schart Hyman (Illustrator)
This original folktale set in Cameroon is full of adventure and sly humor. Lloyd Alexander's story of a young man visiting -- and then becoming -- the village fortune-teller is brought to vibrant life with some of Caldecott Medalist Trina Schart Hyman's most memorable artwork. Both children and adults will relish The Fortune-tellers

Mango Elephants in the Sun : How Life in an African Village Let Me Be in My Skin
( - USA   ( - UK
by Susana Herrera

The Village of Round and Square Houses
( - USA   ( - UK
by Ann Grifalconi
The story of the village of Tos--where the women live in round houses and the men live in square ones--is told from the point of view of a young girl who grew up there. Grifalconi's bold art and rhythmic storytelling make this a wonderful book for reading aloud. Full color.

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